50@50 Family Kitchen Challenge

Please note: Fundraising donations are made through Family Kitchen’s website. Click the link to visit Family Kitchen’s secure donation page. Or click any Family Kitchen link below to visit their homepage.

Hello, I am David and I am excited to tell you about a 50 mile Ultra run that I have planned for October 4th, 2020. I am doing this run as a personal challenge for myself and as a Fundraiser for a local non-profit organization in Bend Oregon where I live. The run will be a solo 50 mile (80 K) run on a course I mapped and will be professionally chip timed. Please read below for more info on the course. The non-profit organization is called the Family Kitchen. The Family Kitchen is a food outreach in the local community, serving anyone in need of a free, nutritious meal. I am calling the run my 50@50 Family Kitchen Challenge.

I am an intermediate runner, well at least I think I would be considered an intermediate runner. I started running rather seriously in 2018 and I participated in a number of running events in 2019, including my first marathon, the Bend Marathon in April, 2019. Check out my about page for more info.


What is 50@50?

Well, the short answer is, it is just a little term to describe some of my motivation for this run. I just turned 50 years old this year, in July, and I am planning to do a 50 mile run. Thats the short answer, but of course there is more to it and I have any number of motivations for doing this run. Interestingly, in the Summer of 2019, after I ran the Bend marathon and while I was training for another running event, I had a thought about running 50 miles on my 50th birthday.

Of course that was a rather far fetched idea at the time, but….

Family Kitchen

Essential Service

The Family Kitchen is a local organization that I have volunteered to work with periodically since 2019. I work as a cook at a local restaurant and I have been glad to volunteer at the Family Kitchen on occasion. During the shut down this year due to the health crisis, I had the privilege of working extensively with them for about 4 months. They remained open during the shut down as an essential service.

It was very meaningful for me to help the Family Kitchen continue meal service operations without interruption during the shut down, serving free meals to anyone in the community in need, seven days a week as they always do. The Family Kitchen serves a diverse group of people, from veterans to senior citizens, homeless people and even just individuals or families on a budget who come in for a good meal. The individuals who utilize the meal service at the Family Kitchen may have a variety of backgrounds and different reasons for coming, but the Family Kitchen mission is: ‘to serve anyone who needs a nutritious meal in a safe and caring environment.’


That is exactly what they do, and if attitude reflects leadership, this is certainly the case with Family Kitchen Program Director Donna Burklo who is dedicated to her job and to serving the community. Donna has a great attitude and cares for what she does and the individuals that the Family Kitchen serves food to. The staff Julie Stamper and Jan Hedges were both great to work with and both enjoy what they do. A special shout out to Julie who I worked more with and who has an amazing heart, compassion and care for the people who eat at the Family Kitchen.


The Family Kitchen also has an amazing network of volunteers. The volunteers keep this place running. They volunteer as individuals or as groups, often family members will volunteer together. Many of the groups or teams that volunteer do so as part of other social organizations, churches and local businesses. So, a very loud, special shout out and thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who do so much to help keep the Family Kitchen fulfilling its mission.


My Challenge

A 50 mile run is certainly an ‘ultra’ challenge for me. It will be my longest run to date. I have been training for this for some time and will have put in 22 weeks training for this run when I am finished. I keep a running log for this training schedule and have it posted on my website. I will be updating it regularly, if anyone is interested, visit the 50@50 Course & Training Log page.

Community Challenge

The fundraising challenge, is to challenge people in the community to donate to the Family Kitchen, $1.00 per mile, that’s a $50 dollar donation to a great local organization that contributes to some of the basic food and nutrition needs of a wide variety of people. On a tighter budget? Then jump in on the Family Kitchen Ultra Challenge with a .50 cent per mile donation, that’s $25 dollars, or simply donate what you wish. Large or small, any contribution will be greatly appreciated.


Donations are made through the Family Kitchen website. All donations are safe and secure with all proceeds going to the Family Kitchen. The Family Kitchen is a 501c3 non-profit organization so any donations can be tax deductible. As well, there is Fiscal oversight and Accountability with a Board of Trustees so you can rest assured that your donation will be used responsibly to help the Family Kitchen continue in its mission ‘to serve anyone who needs a nutritious meal in a safe and caring environment.’

50 Mile (80K) Run

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I created this specific run/course for a personal, solo 50 mile run. I was originally signed up for a 48 mile Ultra-run on the Coast of Oregon on Oct. 4th but due to the Health Crisis the world is dealing with, I was notified in July of that the event was cancelled.

I was already in the middle of my training so I decided to continue training and come up with somewhere else to do my run. I also thought it would be great to do the run as a fundraiser for the Family Kitchen. So, I scouted some areas close to Bend and eventually decided to do a run from Elk Lake Oregon, 30 miles into Bend, then a 20 mile loop around Bend with the finish line at the Family Kitchen.

It took some time but I did end up creating the run and have it mapped using Google Earth. Click here: 50@50 Interactive Map and it will open up in Google Earth. It is an an interactive map so you can scroll, pan, zoom see elevation, different angles etc. Check it out if you like.

RFID Chip Timed

The run will be professionally timed by local business ‘Time2Race’. Time2Race offers computerized timing services for Running, Biking and Multi sport events. Owner Randy Olano will be timing this event and will be providing updates on my time and distance, to be displayed at the finish line on a large display clock. These updates can also be viewed online. More information will be provided regarding this prior to the run.

There is more detailed information about the course on the 50@50 Ultra Course & Training Log page and I will be posting updates about my training and the event on my Blog page. So please check back for any new information.

Oct. 4th 2020


Thats the day of the run, I have a lot of miles to go but am motivated to continue toward my goal and am greatly encouraged to be doing this in a combined effort with the Family Kitchen to do something positive, fun and hopefully inspiring in our community. Be sure to visit the Family Kitchen’s Website and Facebook page for more info about the run, to donate and to see more about the Family Kitchen.

Thank you for your interest.