Hi anyone and everyone. Thought I would do a final post before my big run tomorrow. 50 miles will be a record distance for me but I am stoked to be giving it a shot.

I will start at Elk Lake early tomorrow morning at 5:00 am. I feel pretty good. I believe my training went well. Just this week I went for a short run and hit the 1000 mile mark for this 22 week training period. You can see my training log below.

22 Week Training Log

I am very close to the estimated total miles in my base running plan. I am actually 7 miles over the original schedule. Below you can see my base schedule which has the final run calculated in the total.

Base Training Plan
Run in Ontario

I am glad I am on schedule as for miles. There are some variations in the log as I wasn’t able to follow the plan precisely, but I put in the miles. I am fortunate that I did not lose much training during the week we had very heavy smoke in Bend. I had several days off so I drove out to Eastern Oregon where the air was better. It was still a little smokey but tolerable. I ended up driving to Ontario, Oregon where I was able to get in a 24 mile run before the smoke got worse. I then drove back to Burns and stayed several days picking up a 10 and 5 mile run when the air was clear enough. So, while I did lose a few running days, I did get some distance in during the smoke out.

As for the run tomorrow, I feel I am ready. I have prepared what I think is a good balance of water, electrolytes/minerals, and calorie intake. I am using a product I am comfortable with to add electrolytes to my water. I have certain food items/supplements with me, and Donna, the Family Kitchen Director will be my support driver. She will be driving her vehicle and meeting me at certain checkpoints so I can have some fresh water and other things such as food items.

I have preloaded an Ice chest with various things I may need at some point including an extra water bladder for my Hydro pack. About half way through the run I will take a moment to swap that out so I have fresh liquids. I will only stop for a quick moment at these checkpoints, as it is important to keep moving.

I am estimating a finish time at the Family Kitchen around 2:30 pm. that will be 9.5 hrs running time at an 11 min 30 sec. per mile pace. That will be my target pace but I am leaving early enough so I have some extra time in case my pace goes slower. But I am hoping to maintain an 11:30 pace. that will vary at times depending on the slope, uphill, downhill etc.

Elk Lake Resort/Start Line

I will head to Elk Lake today and spend a nice quiet evening at one of their campsites I rented for the night. I will get up early and plan to start my run at 5:00 am. I will try to post a location link before the run so anyone with the link can check my location in real time. Be sure to click on the interactive map link to see the course map in Google Earth.

A big thanks to local business Time2Race for providing timing services and the finish line at the Family Kitchen.

Thank you anyone and everyone for your support and donations to the Family Kitchen. And again I wish to give a shout out to all the amazing staff and volunteers who continue to do so much to help keep the Family Kitchen fulfilling its mission: ‘to serve anyone who needs a nutritious meal in a safe and caring environment.’

A special thanks to to numerous people I know personally whether it be family or friends for being positive and supportive of my efforts and in my life.

And a shout out to the Bend Community for all it does to keep those positive vibes rolling in Central Oregon.

Thats it for now, David Kirchner here in Bend Oregon, ready for my big run tomorrow. Take care everybody.

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  1. I am very proud to call David Kirchner my friend, because he has heart, and deep determination to finish what he sets out to do. I admire these traits in a man, and believe David Kirchner has what it takes to succeed in life no matter the challenge or obstacle.

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