Personal Best Goal – 31 mile (50K)

Hello. I wanted to make a post about a run I am planning for tomorrow, Sat 9-5.

I have a map of that run in Google Earth, click this link: 31 mile interactive map. It will open up in Google Earth.

My goal is a 31 mile run from Sunriver Oregon to Elk Lake Oregon. 31 miles will be a personal best for me for distance so I look forward to this run as it will be a good personal achievement for me and will be my longest training run before my scheduled 50 mile run on Oct. 4th.

I will leave Sunriver at about 6 am in the morning and make the run to Elk Lake. I am planning to run at an 11 minute per mile pace, but may adjust that depending on how things go. My training pace is quicker, and I have been running a lot in the warm weather. It will be much cooler tomorrow morning so that should make a difference; however, I have not run this length of distance yet so I will start at a slower pace and see how things go. There is a good bit of uphill incline, but nice long stretches of running. I feel confident with my training thus far and think I will do well.

It will be a challenge but I am up for it and am giving it a shot.

Check back later, I will post how things went.

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