Davids.run update 2020

Hello anyone and everyone. Its David here. I thought it is about time for another post. I guess I have been Mr. Procrastination with the blog, but I am not pitching to an audience really, this has been more of a project Blog.

I have taken a number of computer classes at the local college including some basic web design using WordPress, and as a project I decided to start a Blog about my running. That was last year, which was a challenging year in a number personal ways for me but in an extremely positive way regarding my running, I am pleased to have accomplished several challenging goals.

My last post was in October when I wrote about the Portland Marathon. I ran this marathon on October 4th in Portland Oregon. Check out my Blog post for that https://davids.run/2019/10/31/portland-marathon-2019/

Me and my sister Colleen at the Bend Marathon

As for running, last year was a good year for me. I ran my first marathon in April, the Bend Marathon, in Bend Oregon where I live. I trained 18 weeks for that marathon. My sister flew down from Alaska to run also. I ran the full marathon, 26.2 miles (about 42 Km), while my sister opted for the Half Marathon. She runs regularly and was planning to run a marathon later in the year.

Half marathon, Sunriver Oregon

I was pleased to have accomplished this goal. And over the course of the year I ran a number of other events. Several months after the Bend Marathon, I ran a half marathon, 13.1 miles, at the Pacific Crest Sports Festival in Sunriver Oregon. Check out my post for that if you want: https://davids.run/2019/07/03/half-marathon-at-pacific-crest-sports-festival/

Half marathon Banks Oregon

Then in July I ran another half marathon in Banks Oregon. This course was a nice run along the Banks-Vernonia State Trail, a beautiful trail that used to be a railway line but was turned into a state park many years ago. Here is the post: https://davids.run/2019/07/26/oregon-summer-event-half-marathon/

After this, I decided to sign up for the Portland Marathon later in the year, in October.

Hood to Coast 2019

While training for the Portland Marathon, I ended up running a 500 mile relay from Mt. Hood Oregon to the coast at Seaside Oregon. I was part of an 11 man team and it was a several day event. I ran three legs of that. This event is called the Hood to Coast Relay. It is a popular annual event in Oregon. Here is a link: https://davids.run/2019/08/09/hood-to-coast-relay-2019/

In October I ran the Portland Marathon, that was a tougher run than the Bend marathon I thought, I bit more challenging to me for some reason. And here is that link again if you are interested: https://davids.run/2019/10/31/portland-marathon-2019/

So that was last year, now it is 2020 and I have some running goals planned. After the Portland marathon, I did a cool down 5 week recovery running plan then I took it easy over the winter, I wanted my body to recover and I think maybe I was a little lazy. but I still put in some running over the winter then early in the year this whole Corona-virus started and that’s another subject I wont go into, but I slowed down on my running for several months. Funny thing is I would think with all the extra time on my hands while on a shutdown because of the virus, I would run more, but I actually have ran less.

But…I am putting things back in gear. I have recently signed up for an Ultra-marathon that will be held later this year, in October. I am hoping things will be opened more in the nation by then and this event will still be held. I will post more details about that soon. This particular run is about 50 miles. I have been working on a base training plan for this. It will be 22 weeks of training, and a somewhat different training plan than a regular marathon.

I will try to add more posts soon. Take care everybody and anybody.

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