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Hood to Coast 2019

Hey, its me David, just thought I better do a new post about the Hood to Coast relay that I participated in. There were some changes to my plan as the original team I was to run with had to cancel. That team had several more runners that had to cancel so the they withdrew. I was originally just filling as a replacement runner, I had a friend on the team who asked me run.

But, no worries. Since I had made plans and took time off work to run the Hood to Coast, and since my friend still wanted to run, I was able to find another team for us both to run on. Hood to Coast has a forum for teams seeking runners or runners seeking teams. Fortunately I was able to find a team that needed several runners so my friend, Jacob, and I were able to run on the same team.

So, I ran on a team called ‘Go With Your Gut’. It was mainly a group of guys from the Portland area, consisting of three brothers and several of their friends. I guess they have been running Hood to Coast on this team for several years. They were a great bunch of guys, positive and energetic. It was fun running on their team. They were all younger than me, but I held my own and did well.

I ran 3 legs…legs 2, 14 and 29. Leg 2 was the second from the start line (which was at Mount Hood, Timberline Lodge. So the first several legs were a pretty steady downhill slope, and leg 2 was mostly on the side of the Highway. I had a good pace on this leg.

Leg 2 was 5.64 miles and I averaged 7:42 per mile. There was an elevation decline/loss of 1,500 feet, so even with it being downhill, and a good pace, it was still a good workout anyways because the downhill works the muscles differently. I think a lot more impact and running downhill can be harder on the legs. Here is a link to an online article about running downhill. this leg was earlier in the day so it was cooler out also.

Leg 14 was 6.04 miles, just east of the downtown Portland area, along Hwy. 30, which runs partly parallel to the Willamette River. I averaged 9:15 per mile on this leg. Leg 14 was later in the afternoon, around 4:45 pm, so it was somewhat warmer, but mostly flat with gradual incline and decline. 9:15 was the pace I was shooting for so I was pleased with the run. I was a slight bit tired too, I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before, as I got off work late, packed all my stuff, picked up my friend Jacob and headed to Mount Hood very early to meet the team.

Leg 29 was listed as one of the more difficult legs on the Hood to Coast relay, it was 5.97 miles. Categorized as very hard, Leg 29 was about 50 miles east of Seaside and began with a 3.5 mile steady incline with a 598 ft elevation gain and a steeper mile long push towards the top. Then the next 2.5 miles were downhill. I made a good pace on this leg and averaged 8:46 per mile. I felt rested and stayed steady on the uphill with a good pace and was able to go quicker on the downhill portion with a nice fast push at the end. In hindsight I think I could have pushed harder on this leg, but had not run this before and wasn’t sure how it would be on the uphill. I run some hills here in Bend so I think I was pleasantly prepared for this run.

2019 Hood to Coast Finish Line at Seaside Oregon

So, we finished the 2019 Hood to Coast Relay at Seaside Oregon. I had a lot of fun, traveling along the course and camping at a couple of spots along the way. Before my Leg 29 I had slept part of the night in the back of the truck we were driving in. It was nice out… a dark star filled sky and cool out, traveling country roads along the race course. It was very peaceful, so that’s why I felt rested on my final leg.

I brought plenty of energy gels an all the running goodies I needed. I made a bunch of poached salmon and whole wheat pasta that I brought with me so I was able to refuel decent enough along the way. All in all I think it was a lot of fun and was good training as well. I am glad to have accomplished this.

Finish Line Event at Seaside Oregon

Hood to Coast 2019…check…done…awesome…. Next stop…Portland Marathon 2019 on October 6th, 2019.

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  1. John

    Nice job David you’re a beast!

  2. Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find out more

    1. David

      I have some video footage of the Hood to Coast. I had my GoPro with me.

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