Hey. Just a quick post about the Tuesday Performance Group I have recently started meeting with. The group is led by local professional runner Max King. The group meets at various locations on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm. and focuses mainly on speed interval training. This was my fourth week meeting with this group. Check out my blog posts on the last three groups if you like.

Tuesday Running Performance Group Bend Oregon

This week we met again at Pilot Butte. Pilot Butte is a local Landmark in Bend Oregon. It has 0.9-mile long trail that spirals up Pilot Butte, ascending 475 feet from the base to the top. The performance group meets at the bottom of the Butte by a small park. I got there about 20 minutes early and went for a two mile warm up around the local area. Then the group met about 5:45, where we jogged to a certain point on the trail leading up the Butte.

From there, we did 6 sets of 3 minute reps, running uphill. Then at 3 minutes, we turned around and did a light cool down run back to where we started, then back up for another 3 minute set. It may sound easy, but it is quite a workout. This Butte seems to kick my butt some, but I made it through all 6 reps, so I was glad of that. At 5:30 pm, It was kinda warm and humid out so that added to the challenge.

I know the hill work is good for my running so I am glad to do it. All in all I have had some good uphill running this week. On Sunday I did a trail run at a place called Green Lakes. Green Lakes Trail #17. This was a 9 mile run out and back that has elevation gain and some steep incline. Check out my post on that also. It was a good run and I had my GoPro so I was able to get some good video footage and put together a short running video. The post on that run has some pictures and the video.

So, I am glad to be meeting with the Tuesday performance group and to try some different training exercises that can be useful to my running. It seems to be a very friendly group of guys and gals meeting, all of which are good runners, much quicker than me, but we are able to go at our own individual pace so that’s good.

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