Green Lake on July 7th 2019. Nice reflection in water of hill in background.

Green Lakes Trail Run – 9 miles

Hello. I am posting about a trail run I did several days ago, on July 7th. Green Lakes Trail #17 is a 9 mile out and back trail located near Bend Oregon. It has an elevation gain of approx 1,187 feet.

I hiked this trail in August of last year with a friend. It was a nice hike so I decided this time to do a trail run instead. It was a good run with a substantially slower pace going up. With the elevation gain, there were a number of spots with steep incline and at higher elevations there were places where snow was still on the trail. I lost the trail in the snow several times, just briefly though, closer to the top in a more forested patch of woods.

It was passable though, the snow was packed down, but still a little slower going. Other than that the trail was fine and it was a nice clear day.

So, the steeper incline and up hill portion was slower and took somewhat more energy, but a good workout. My Run Tracker has my run at 8.91 miles with an average pace of 12:41 per mile. The slowest miles were on the way up of course, but I was able to make up time on the way down with a quicker pace.

I have found that even though the downhill run on steeper trails is somewhat easier, it is still a workout, using the muscles slightly differently, or so it feels. But it is certainly fun running some of those downhill portions, just gotta keep the ‘brakes’ on at times so as to not go too fast and go off trail, or bite it on the trail. I did hit the dirt once on the way down, coming around a bend and lost my footing. I was wearing my street running shoes, which isn’t the best idea (note to self: Get trail running shoes!), and lost traction and hit the dirt.

I was fine though and got up and kept going, noticing a little later that the side of my shoe was torn. Thats a bummer because they were a good pair of running shoes, Hoka One One brand. I was able to keep running with no interruption though, but I have already replaced them…a shout out to my sister and her family for a very timely birthday Gift Card from REI that went nicely toward a new pair of Hoka One One’s…thanks sis.

But other than that I was unscathed and had a real good run, slower and more challenging at places but much clearer and smoother running at other places. It was a beautiful clear day though and fairly cool. I enjoyed the run. I had my GoPro with me and got a lot of good footage of the trail and scenery. I put some of the clips together for a short video, about 5 minutes long, less actually. Check it out below, or here is the link to the YouTube Video.

I plan to do more trail running. I am heavier on street running, which I like very much, but I know the trail running is a good workout and exercises the muscles somewhat differently. Its nice too, and running on a trail with its own challenges is great exercise.

So, that’s it for now.I am still planning on running the Portland Marathon on Oct. 6th. and I am registered to run the Oregon Summer Half Marathon in less than two weeks, on July 20th, the day after my birthday, so that should be fun. This marathon is being run on the Banks Vernonia State Trail, about an hour Northeast of Portland Oregon. I am looking forward to that, I think it will be a nice run. I will be sure to get some video of that.




Davids Green Lakes Trail Run

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