Hello. I met today with the Tuesday Performance Group. I have been meeting with this group for 3 weeks and I like the different training exercises we are doing. This week we met at Drake Park. Max, the group leader was not there but a guy named Tyler, an experienced runner, led the group.

We met at 5:30 pm. and warmed up for a few minutes. I did a slow mile loop around the park then we began our workout which consisted of 1 mile reps/loops around the park at a fast pace. Each rep was followed by a 2 minute rest. I did 4 sets and averaged 8:01 per mile. I am still one of the slowest ones of the bunch but everyone is able to run at their own level and pace.

It was a good workout for me. I just ran a half marathon on Sat. (see my blog post about that) and my pace was 9:15 per mile. So, 8:01 per mile is a decent pace for me and I pushed to get that last mile in.

It is nice meeting with this group and I am liking the runs we are doing. It takes some effort for sure but I am enjoying it and am glad for the extra training exercise in my schedule.

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  1. Colleen

    That’s great. Only 2 min rest for mile repeats is really good. Keep going to these workouts!

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