Pacific Crest Half marathon startline

Half Marathon at Pacific Crest Sports Festival

Hey, I just wanted to share a post about the Half marathon I ran this weekend at Sunriver in Oregon. The Half marathon was one of the events at the Pacific Crest Sports Festival.

I am currently training for the Portland marathon on Oct. 6th and decided to run this half marathon as one of my training runs, my Saturday distance run. I think it went well, I felt pretty good and it was a cool morning so that was nice. My time was 2:01:10.6 with a 9:15 per mile pace. For me that is some improvement.

I ran the Bend Marathon in April at a 9:39 pace. So, even though this was only a half marathon, my pace seems to have improved. I can also see some of my training times getting better. It is a small improvement but still encouraging to see and I wouldn’t mind running the Portland Marathon a little faster than I ran the Bend Marathon.

It was a good run, I started at a slightly slower pace for the first mile or so, then slowly increased my speed until about mile 5 or 6 where I pretty much maintained a pace of 9:15, give or take, with a little push in the last mile. So I finished faster than I started which is good. I started to feel that darn gravity more around mile 12, but pushed on and stayed steady until the end. Boy, that last mile seemed to last a long time though…but I finished and all in all had a good run.

I had my GoPro with me and took some footage so I will put together some short clips and make a short video to share. In the meanwhile I have posted a couple quick videos of me at the start and crossing the finish line, you can check it out here, below and on YouTube.

This month, on July 20th, I plan to run another Half Marathon, the Oregon Summer Marathon (half portion). This marathon will be run on the Banks Vernonia State Trail about 35 miles west of Portland Oregon. A former railroad corridor turned into a State trail in 1990. It is supposed to be very scenic, I will try to get some footage of this run too. I hope to enjoy the run and challenge of completing another half marathon as I continue to train for the Portland Marathon.

Video of Half/Full Marathon start line.

Video of me crossing finish line. Taken with my GoPro.

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  1. Cy Casidsid

    Yeah Brothah!! yiu rocK!!!

  2. David you truly living life. I am proud to call you a friend.

  3. Colleen

    Well done, David! Certainly motivating me to do speed work!!

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