Hello. Yesterday, (June 25th) I met again with the Tuesday Performance Group. This week the group met at Juniper Park here in Bend Oregon. The speed interval work out we did was to run several sets of faster paced 800 meter (approx. 1/2 mile) runs with a 2 minute rest period in between.

So, we ran the 800 meter sets on a trail that loops through and around Juniper Park. The shorter workout was to do 4 sets of these speed intervals, while the longer workout was to do 8 sets. Of course there is no pressure from the group leader – Max, or the group. The runners are at various levels of skill and experience so an individual can focus on his or her ability and pace and could do as few or as many sets as they can.

Juniper Park

I like that, of course I was pretty much at the tail end of the pack, but I felt good and pushed myself to complete the exercise. I opted for the shorter, 4 set run, but added a fifth set to make it 5 – 800 meter speed intervals. I am not the fastest runner and admire the speed of some of the other guys and gals who were running…some of which lapped me as we ran. But, I felt a good workout and averaged (with 5 sets) a 4.06 half mile (800 meters).

For me that is pretty decent. I did a 10 mile run several days ago and averaged 9:16 per mile. And yesterday, later in the evening after the speed intervals, I went for a 5 mile run and averaged 8:58 per mile ( I pushed myself on this run to try to bring my pace under 9 min.). So, doing speed intervals at a 4:06 average pace is a workout for me at this point and I feel good adding it to my weekly training. I hope to see improvement as I continue to train for the Portland Marathon and improve my overall running ability.

For me, it was a good running day…

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